As is mentioned more intimately in the french telenovela, “By Jim Flannerys, Probably and Technically,” I’ve not been as active on PUN as I once was.  When me YouTube channel caught on fire this past autumn, some thing were lost forever.  Most devastating of the losses were videos announcing the 2019 protest of the American Psychiatric Association and testimonies to the CVH-Whiting Forensic Task Force.

Somewhere along the path of destruction left by said digital dumpster fire, the entire PUN YouTube channel got deleted.  Perhaps due to something that was or wasn’t said during an episode of Youth on Subjects of the World?

One chunk of “content” (for lack of better words) was the “How it’s made” tutorials for PUN, detailing how it was created, and, more importantly, how anyone could build on the initial vision or even spin off their own version freely.  I was able to dig the videos up and re-post them to the PUN website (‘Get Involved‘) – since the PUN YouTube channel no longer exists, they’re on the JF Web Development channel, which is essentially inactive, but seems like the right place for web development-related tutorials.

Jim, you know they only show themselves in person to let you know you’re safe even though its creepy as fuck, now don’t worry about putting them up on your stupid ass JF Web Development YouTube channel, which, somehow, yes, Jim, has more subscribers than you ever had on your channel.  Not quite accurate.  More views?  I think so.  Thanks, Jim.  Love you even though you hate all of us right now.  Who said hate?  We know you didn’t, you never say anything out loud, so just publish Necessary Force without an album cover.  Who says there’s not one already?