a telenovela

I think “trough of sorrow” might belong in quotes at this point – because of who, Jim? – or whom?  Sure, who or whom for this one.

Can’t think of their name right now?

Let’s see if we can figure it out by the end of it, just let ‘em know it’s not Steve Blank.  (It’s Paul Graham)

That’s a good one too, we know, Jim.

PUN is a tricky subject and has been since late 2020, maybe the turn to 2021 or so.  And you know why.  Because you can’t even send Discord messages starting sentences with “And” once you tell a single person at all that you’re running for President?  Sure, and on PUN specifically, you wouldn’t say President?  Nope, you should probably say, what?  President of these United States?  Good question, might be President of the United States if you’re speaking to people all around the world and it’s not entirely clear who you are and where you may be sending the message from.  Or where you’re from?  Or where you’re from either.  Because we certainly don’t start sentences like that, and these are a bunch of individual states with their own shit going on who happen to be united and if we’re implying we’re the only united states on planet earth it’s implying more than is intended just to speak about a country.  A country?  Want to find out the difference between a nation, a country, and a – what?  There’s more.

We could do that, just like any other unschoolers on PUN can do, Jim, we’re not fucking idiots either, and feel free to say “retard” if you think that’s – damn – yep, not the appropriate use of the word “retard” even though there are proper uses for it.  What word?  How about idiots?  Sure, and if I talk so fucking much that it gets boring saying the same fucking words all the time?  Just say fucking idiots, then, Jim.  Already did.  We know.  You too?  Yep.  So, you already kinda nailed it, but feel free, Jim.

Something sorta feels “wrong” about running a digital community of young people that is in any way related to education at all while simultaneously running for President, probably specifically that role, I don’t think it’d be that way with a different political office – and what about being a comedian, Jim?  There may be something a little fucked up about that, but I suppose without the emotion, it just might be weird.  Weird?  Sure, a bit weird.  Then why is it that we don’t think there’s anything particularly weird about a candidate for President of these United States who also happens to have started the Peer Unschooling Network from scratch you might say?  Not necessarily from scratch, there was the Meteor version, the WordPress thing, Discord, lots of different off the shelf tools.  Then what’s wrong with that?  There’s nothing wrong with it when you just say I’m the guy the started any of the things, but if you are actively interacting with these people – even in plain sight? – it’s not in plain site if it’s a Discover server, dude – says who?  Isn’t that as plain of sight as one could be?  Is it not enough that we can always pull footage – there’s no audio in most of the video cameras – so what are we worried about?  Probably that I’m trying to fuck kids.  I would think so too.  But that’s just not a legitimate concern, so you already know the second concern is a real one?  Maybe that’s why it’s so fucking weird.  The concern being that you’re what?  Indoctrinating children?  Who the fuck would think that if you didn’t write LEAVE SCHOOL – well it could have been Curricu-Dumb, at least it wasn’t, though forcing a curriculum on any individual could be considered pretty fucked.  Is that the point?  Of the book, Jim, is that the point of the book?  Who says there’s only one point to the book?  I know you do, but what am I?  Fucking kidding me.  That’s what I thought too.  So can we go back to PUN and pretend everything’s just perfectly normal, Jim?  I don’t know how to do that.  Can you just tell them all what you told all your clients?  That you’ve got some other shit going on in your life and simply can’t be a part of it anymore?  I could do that, maybe I’ve sorta expressed that, the trouble is someone has to keep the fucking lights on.  The lights on?  It’s a website, Jim, and Discord is doing all they can already to keep their lights on, so don’t worry.  Worry?  Wouldn’t you worry if people randomly invite you to group chats?  Or, if you wanna play this game right now, if you get invited to SnapChat group chats with kids from all around the fucking country?  Maybe the world, Jim, maybe the world.  Probably not the world, there’s Earth, then there’s – what, nigga?  What else is there?  There’s the Universe, caps or no caps?  Then there’s the World.  What’s the fucking World, Jim?  Stop saying, nigga, faggot.  Don’t worry, I just wanna fuck you up too one more time for these nice gentleman in black suits that will be showing up any day now to take us somewhere where the food is better so we don’t have this aching pain in our ass that did or didn’t come from a piece of glass.