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Jim Flannery

I started my blog as a means to develop my seemingly rapid and disconnected thoughts into a communicable, organized form. I also find writing is a useful exercise for building emotional resilience in sharing these thoughts with the public. I find it frightening to be so exposed, yet also exciting to see what kind of response I get from people. Plus, it’s revealing to look backward to reflect on what topics I’ve written about over time as my story unfolds.

Finding common ground between our movements: psychiatric survivors and the broader disability community

By jimflannery | November 21, 2019

This essay was included in the November 22, 2019 newsletter for MindFreedom International, a non-profit organization that fights for human rights in mental health. I was recently invited by my new friend Tom Olin to attend an event in Washington, DC titled ‘Humanity of Connection: A Celebration of Leadership and Empowerment within the Disability Community’. …

My Cool Project Bucket List

By jimflannery | September 27, 2019

Recently, I ran a workshop for a group of teens where we went through a brainstorming process for generating project ideas.  I thought it’d be fun to share a list of my own dream projects, all of which I hope to complete before I die.  I guess that makes this my “project bucket list”.  As…

voices for choices

Introducing: Voices for Choices

By jimflannery | June 17, 2019

Two summers ago, I watched as a good friend of mine in North Carolina was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital.  Though he posed zero risk to himself or others, he was handcuffed, forcibly drugged, and locked in a psychiatric hospital for weeks against his will.  I had experienced four involuntary commitments in my life,…

psychiatrists react

Psychiatrists React: Live at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the APA #protestAPA2019

By jimflannery | May 22, 2019

I traveled to S.F. for the Annual Meeting and brought the videos submitted to the ProtestAPA.com website.  This is the outcome:

My interview with the Alliance for Self-Directed Education

By jimflannery | May 16, 2019

Thanks to Alex Khost at the Alliance for Self-Directed Education for interviewing me for their online magazine, Tipping Points! In the interview, I speak a lot about the crossover between issues in our education system and mental health system as they related to human rights and self-direction. Hope you enjoy! Transcript Available at ASDE’s website: …

Bringing reconciliation to a heated misunderstanding

By jimflannery | May 14, 2019

For the last year, I’ve been subjected to harassment from two members of the consumer/survivor/ex-patient community who persistently attacked me online for my speech at the 2018 American Psychiatric Association protest in New York. With time, and with the support of valuable mentors, I learned not to engage with public attacks on the internet. I…

Reflecting on 5 Years of Stand-Up Comedy

By jimflannery | April 20, 2019

This was originally written on April 20, 2018.  I set a fuse on it to publish exactly one year later to avoid the discomfort of publishing my personal thoughts and feelings in real-time. March 29, 2018 is the five year anniversary of the first time I performed stand-up at Winston’s Open Mic in Ocean Beach,…

Announcing the 2019 Virtual Protest of the American Psychiatric Association

By jimflannery | April 10, 2019

For more information or to get involved, visit ProtestAPA.com. TRANSCRIPT: My name is Jim Flannery and today, I invite psychiatric survivors, ex-patients, and peers around the world to participate in this year’s Virtual Protest of the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting.  You can participate by creating a 3 minute video sharing your personal story of…

I discovered that 7Cups.com is “hacking” their own website to trick depressed people into using their service.

By jimflannery | August 21, 2018

To share my recent discovery about 7cups.com, I have to first reveal two personal things I’m often ashamed of and shy about broadcasting: sometimes I get quite melancholy and part of my income comes from freelance digital marketing. While the comic in me wants to suggest that #1 is a consequence of #2, they are…

State of the Startup: July 2017

By jimflannery | July 13, 2018

Just like in my 2016 State of the Startup post, I put a time fuse on this post.  This article was written one year ago.  Simply put, it’s really hard to publish about these kind of personal things “in the moment” but I want to share them because I think it may benefit others.  So…


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