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Monday was President’s Day and today is now Wednesday, February 22 of 2023.  That much I know.  The rest, that could have all been revealed on President’s Day, yet, maybe, just maybe, I’ve been cualquier-cosa’d by reddit, or is it Reddit, Inc, or, or, or… oar what, nigga?

One can only move forward with dignity and honesty, and, if one wants to maintain their street cred down in Costa Rica, there’s only one way to proceed…


The subject is censorship, potentially dipping into freedom of speech.

What’s the difference?

That’s the difference between who and who?  About what and what and a why and how

Not to worry.

We’ll do our best to explain this in plain fucking English so our brother doesn’t stop reading.

Let’s just do our best to answer the question:

What can be written about “the reddit AMA that never was” without fear of legal consequences?


Reddit is certainly not our company, and they’re not a publicly-traded company, so who knows what goes on over there behind closed servers (albeit the NSA may or may not know already about the details of this matter).  Therefore, let’s not hold any “thems” accountable for anything at all.  Reddit was generous enough to offer us an open platform to hold an “Ask Me Anything” (or “AMA”) event and the NSA allows us to live, so, that’s just America, I guess.

That being said, our feelings are hurt.

Don’t get too excited, just about anyone can create a reddit account and host an AMA, and the number of question-askers was nothing to write home about.

The issue worth writing about is that our responses to the questions from that event are now blocked from public view.

I don’t expect you to give a fuck about feelings anymore than the next person, but, maybe the legal ramifications of how this nigga’s feelings were hurt are worth a read (with the receipts, please, Jims – see below, nigga).

What stung?

The President’s Day “event,” if that’s a word for it, concluded an hour past midnight in Hawaii, and, at 1:39 PM EST the following day, I received notice of being “permanently suspended* (read: banned) for fucking “hate speech” from the entire reddit platform, which includes the hiding of all the responses to the questions that were asked.

(You do know that nobody can really be banned from reddit, right?  Anyone can just go create a fake or temporary or cualquier-cosa email address and make a brand new reddit account, even with their modernized system, you just lose your suspended/banned username, forever?  Yet, if you do an AMA and post your fucking passport and have a username with your common name in it, as if anyone using reddit would have the talent of stupidity for that, then, you’re not able to do another AMA, assuming you want to be an honest, wholehearted, genuine human being and assume that reddit is/are attempting to be one as a brand as well)

So, there’s nothing much to do with them except to post a PDF of the AMA.

I suppose the only problem is, who knows if that’s against the law?  I don’t see anyone from the N.S.A. calling anyone to show up at the door, so, what’s your favorite song?  (I guess, email you, here?)

So unless this is the sole property of reddit, or, daresay, they have sole publishing rights to this PDF, what more can be said.  Do I need their fucking permission?  One would think I might be impossible to require any permission(s) to share what they have hidden when it’s shit that we may or may not have actually typed for public view, particularly permission from a company once co-founded by the author of Without Their Permission.  (yes, of course, mention Aaron Swartz too if you want, nigga, as if Alexis isn’t tired of shit like this)

So, what the fuck.

Here, just read the fucking Q&A session, you can download it and then you’ll own it – particularly if you print it on or not on parchment.

Yet, if you own it, and reddit owns it, and I own it… at least we know reddit can’t be the only entity that owns this shit.  Nor the only entity that can publish it.

Without further adue – dude, there’s more adue…

Too much due, just post the links here so they can access this shit then explain why there’s fore, that’s four, instead of a just two.  Who said it’s not a just 4?

(1) Logged in AMA on /r/casualama (2) logged out AMA on /r/casualama

<Seriously, looking at both of the next two PDFs is a waste of time – if you must bother at all, just look at the “Jim’s version” that shows the logged in view – but, I guess for transparency it makes sense to share all this junk.>

(3) Logged in AMA on /r/IAmA (4) logged out AMA on /r/IAmA

What’s disturbing about all this, is that the supposed reason for being banned was due to “something” that occurred in relation to the /r/IAmA event, resulting in a ban from the entire platform, including the removal of the main event over at /r/casualama.

According to a moderator over at /r/IAmA, where the original event kicked off, the one(s) controlling the username /u/iamjimflannery were referred to in some way as a y they are a “troll” or a “joke,” certainly not a ClowN that knows anything about properly positioning poisonous black umbrellas and proton wedges.

Upon the suggestion of a moderator at /r/IAmA, a new AMA was launched in <anything but> /r/casualama.

(I could care less at this point how few people jumped on the opportunity to Ask Me Anything or that I may or may not have consumed an inhumane amount of drugs <for the very first time, naturally> for the sake of honoring President’s Day, it’s just that my fucking feelings are hurt by having all my responses removed from public view – and – who knows, maybe this is relevant to national security as well and this is the least one can do for their pals at the NSA…)

That explains why there’s a little shitstain over in /r/IAmA and why this wound up in /r/casualama.

As for the permanent ban and subsequent removal of all the responses to the questions during the AMA, as well as whatever was said in any other subreddits during the time of this President’s Day Giraffe-athon, that is apparently attributed to the decision-making of a moderator of /r/IAmA who must believe the only use of the word “nigga” is hate speech, or something like that, perhaps there was a mis-click, or, or, or

I guess let someone who can read decide who these "private"||“messages” belong to.

Not sure what to say if the next President of these United States can’t have their own speech be put in print because of their particular use of language.  I know I would want to read things verbatim (when at all possible).  Maybe this is a good time to admit we’ve requested something of these sorts:

Please allow a moment of capitalized bullshit from at least one of the little leprechauns that keeps barking up a storm: “BUT WHAT ABOUT THEM RE-POSTING ALL OUR RESPONSES TO PEOPLE’S QUESTONS - RIGHT NOW!?”

<I would just assume that unbanning someone would involve re-publishing their work, maybe, in particular, if their claim is that the ban is the result of a private message and not specifically linked to any of the public-facing responses to answers.  Then again, what the fuck, it’s reddit-company, let them Gay Birthday Cake us all they want to, I could always go build my own reddit – yeah, like you were going to build, what, what was it called again? To offset and/or replace Twitter and TruthWhateverTheFuck?  Basically.  What’s wrong with that?  Can’t you give us a funny name for Twitter?  It’s already kinda funny.  Truth Social?  Just sign up for the thing and try not to laugh at the language they use in their welcome emails and such.  Don’t you want to become a Truthsayer?  I wouldn’t ever not want to be a ‘Truthsayer,’ how do I sign up?  Figure it out.  And, Twitter?  They don’t call their users by shit like that as far as I know.  Fair enough – they lock you up for soliciting bets or wagers on there?  What the fuck, get back to reddit, nigga.>

Sure, if reddit grants our request to be unbanned for life, since We(s) posted proof(s) of identification in the form of photograph(s) and passport(s), (wtf more proof you want, reddit?), I/We’d be honored to do another AMA next year, only in the /r/casualama, and, clearly, from a foreign country – why not D.C. again, nigga?

What am I supposed to do?  Do or not do drug(s) again?  (is that plural?)

This was clearly a first-time, one-time, thing?

what are you calling a “thing”, nigga?

How ‘bout that thing we just thought of?

The fucking data, nigga!

There’s also this phone bill of some communication with China, Taiwan, and Russia, here, mister.  Mister?  Ya, Mr. F., what you calling these banks for?  Banks?  How’d you know, nigga?  My man, what the fuck?!  Trying to get that $2.4 mill?  2.4 mill?  Nope, not there, nigga, why?  Colones.

I guess, the last adue, is the explanation for your new phone number?  The public disclosure of a phone bill on reddit for some reason to share with them that you did or did not contact individuals or organizations in foreign countries to finance your Presidential campaign as well as possibly the four years (or, cualquier-cosa, if it’s 8) in office?


That’s technically on our server, though it was posted to reddit.  You sure about that, nigga?

Just post the fucking thing so we can all go to bed, and, yes, Jims, thanks for the receipt(s).

This thing is too long.

Yes, and, shouldn’t you instead spend your time figuring out how to get this bill paid using “personal” money instead of “business” money if somehow it just seems like the right thing to do since this is an extraneous charge beyond what you might say is typical?

edit: 2023.02.24 --- it should at least be mentioned here somewhere that there were, let's say, "a number," of subreddits who removed posts pointing to the AMA as well, why not, many, perhaps most of them, did so because this was a brand spanking new reddit account, as if, perhaps, it's not worth throwing others under the bus when ultimately somewhere up in the tiers of the redditsphere, someone placed a permanent suspension on /u/iamjimflannery and hid all the associated comments for that account from public view, specifically, for "hate speech."  wtf, nigga?  hate you?  hate me, nigga, hate me harder.  Hate you as hard as I can?  This might become an x-post, nigga, it's already x-rated, just chill and let's send this shit out.