**Join me in protesting the American Psychiatric Association on May 6, 2018 in New York City** via our
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This is a follow-up to my previous video titled: “What I Wish You Knew About Mental Health.”


Some people wonder, why would you protest the American Psychiatric Association.  These are doctors, they are developing the cures to people’s mental illnesses.  They are the one who have found a way to treat these chemical imbalances that are pervasive in our society.  What is your problem?

My issue with the APA is their use of force, coercion and lying.

I am against their use of force to “treat” people with mental illnesses they cannot prove exist.   I am against their use of coercion, to manipulate people into taking medications against their will and self-interest.  And I am against their lying to people, claiming that they have some sort of permanent, neurochemical imbalance in their brain which they need to take medication the rest of their lives to correct – which is not supported by scientific evidence.

My Personal Battle

This fight is very personal for me.  I’m one of these people that’s had psychiatry forced upon me.  And when I say forced, I mean… without committing any crimes, or being given any due process, I was held against my will, held down, tied up, drugged and not allowed to leave until I complied with their orders.  I may not look like a crazy person, I may not be under a bridge cussing at an empty trash can, but that’s because I can walk amongst you.  Others are not as fortunate as me.

My Liberty to Speak

Which is the biggest reason why I am protesting the American Psychiatric Association: it’s because I can.

I’m only able to speak because of a unique set of circumstances for myself.  Many of my comrades are still locked in psychiatric hospitals and jail and too weak to speak.  Many who have gotten out are struggling at home trapped in a psychiatric coma, unable to speak.  Some are struggling on SSDI, and can’t afford to travel to New York City to protest in person.  Some are working at companies, living normal lives, scared shitless anyone will ever find out their ‘secret,’ doing everything they can to appear normal.  Some are even entrepreneurs, CEOs, business executives, you’d think they could speak out, but they are beholden to their investors or their shareholders.  Some don’t want to speak out because they have spouses, children, or other family members who they don’t want to expose to the horrors of their reality.  And for some, their experiences were simply so traumatic, they want to forget it ever happened.

I have no political affiliations.  I have no boss.  I am not being paid to say this.

My Fears in Speaking

I do have fears, still, in speaking out.  Why am I so scared?  What will people think who see this?  If I show too much emotion, will I be perceived as crazy?  If I don’t show enough emotion, will I be viewed as authentic?  Will I be too paranoid about how much emotion to show that I’ll be too distracted to be present with my message?  What if I fail in attracting people to the protest?  In such a public fashion!  Or what if I’m wrong?  What I some discovery comes out tomorrow proving all these people are actually born broken, and that we really should lock them up and throw away the key?  Or if I’ve misinterpreted a fact or misquoted someone or contradicted myself.

I suppose the greatest risk is that nobody watches this at all.