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I started my blog as a means to develop my seemingly rapid and disconnected thoughts into a communicable, organized form. I also find writing is a useful exercise for building emotional resilience in sharing these thoughts with the public. I find it frightening to be so exposed, yet also exciting to see what kind of response I get from people. Plus, it’s revealing to look backward to reflect on what topics I’ve written about over time as my story unfolds.

Lessons learned via temazcal ceremony in the Mayan Riviera

By jimflannery | February 25, 2017

I have been traveling living the “tech nomad” lifestyle since the fall of 2016, a little over a year.  Most of my travels have been all around the US but I finally took a solo international journey during January and February.  It’s interesting because when I was younger, I had no desire to travel.  Whereas…

The importance of admitting you are wrong (and by the way, competition blows dogs for quarters)

By jimflannery | January 15, 2017

The last few months I’ve found myself reflecting on many of the perspectives I’ve taken and decisions I’ve made… and realized I’m usually wrong. As a bit of a stubborn, self-righteous and arrogant person, it can be painful to admit I’m wrong. I also find admitting I’m wrong to be an incredibly powerful tool.  …

How to quit school and get a real life and education

By jimflannery | October 31, 2016

Warning: just for full disclosure, this blog post is essentially a 2,500 word advertisement for an amazing book I finished reading called “The Teenage Liberation Handbook: how to quit school and get a real life and education.” If you have the utmost of faith in my ability to choose books, you can skip all this…

Advice to someone struggling with mania

By jimflannery | October 17, 2016

I got a message from someone via a Tumblr account I had abandoned long ago asking for some advice on what to do during their current manic episode.  Since my last blog post advising someone about mental health issues got such a good response, I thought I’d post this one too.:   I have bipolar…

Advice to a parent after her child’s 10th psychiatric hospitalization

By jimflannery | September 14, 2016

I don’t tend to think of myself as someone who should be giving parents advice. Mainly because I don’t have children.  And I’m also not any kind of authority on mental health.  But I recently replied to a parent’s post in a private Facebook group whose daughter had just been hospitalized for the 10th time after voices…

How I became an entrepreneur (and why I may not stay one)

By jimflannery | August 15, 2016

Sometimes people ask me how I ended up down the career-path I’ve taken of being an entrepreneur.  I can tell you almost exactly when it happened – when it clicked – that this is “who I am” or “who I want to be.”   I was a senior in college studying biomedical engineering and was…

Seven Dirty Words you Can’t Say on LinkedIn

By jimflannery | July 6, 2016

Sh*t, p*ss, f*ck, c*nt, c*cks*cker, m*th*rf*cker, and t*ts……   Sorry to leave you hanging, but to read the rest of this fantastic post you’ll have to visit a delicious new site I created called Entrepreneurs Anonymous: an anonymous peer support group for entrepreneurs.   To visit the site and connect with other entrepreneurs, follow this link:…

An experience of writer’s block

By jimflannery | May 10, 2016

I haven’t written in a while and thought it would be a fun exercise to walk through an explanation of why. It could be called “writer’s block”, but, to me, that suggests I don’t have anything to write about or that the words just aren’t “flowing.”   In actuality, there is much more to it,…

The official release of my debut comedy album – Flim Jannery: The Flim Trilogy

By jimflannery | April 1, 2016

Today… FINALLY… I can publicly announce the release of my debut comedy album: The Flim Trilogy (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play). I know I’ve told many this would be published in the fall but I ran into some copyright issues (not for stealing jokes, but for stealing Rage Against the Machine music on a couple…

So You Wanna Build A Website?

By jimflannery | March 9, 2016

It’s been a long while since I wrote here.  I’ve been spending most of my time traveling cross country (See my riveting journey on Instagram, #toiletsacrossamerica) and upping my web-development skills so that I can continue my tech-nomad lifestyle.  My nephew recently asked me to help him build a website for his growing CNC/3D-printing business……


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