This may be the weirdest conspiracy theory perpetuated, but, let’s hope by the end of writing this thing that we can figure out if it’s bullshit or not.

The question at hand is simple: “what year is it?”

The inspiration could be many things, but let’s give credit to a passage from a John Steinbeck novel.

And whoever first invented the word “heaven” or perhaps the phrasing “heaven on Earth.”

Of course, forgive the use of the word “Earth” to those who don’t refer to this rock by that name.

So, what year is it?

The truest answer is that we don’t know.  We’d need pretty hefty precision to give the exact age of this particular rock.

Since we don’t know the age of the rock, one might think, we need to start somewhere.

Why not start at zero?

That sounds like a fairly decent idea.

What happens when more than one independent group come up with that idea and have separate years they all communicate with?


So how do you get everyone on Earth to accept the same year as the real/accurate date?

Louie would say “the Christians” won on that one.

Even in the People’s Republic of China, which is officially an atheist state with people practicing many different religions, it’s also 2023?

That’s not necessarily the idea I’m trying to get at.

Of course there could be places on Earth where people simply don’t adhere to what seems to be a so-called “Universal” date.  Even the timezones refer to “UTC.”

The date referring to the birth of Jesus Christ?


That’s zero zero, supposedly.

Then he dies and supposedly resurrects somewhere around age 33?

Something like that, and, of course, who knows who the real father or even mother might be for that matter.

That story of that one person, now determines the date for the entire planet Earth, at least those who participate in some sort of “game.”

That’s what you’re getting at.

Some sort of game.

A game, that seemingly everyone adheres to, wherein the date just needs to exist as some number so we all communicate with the same year, even month and date.

The relevance is the year?

Mostly, that’s linked to revolving around the Sun (probably another inappropriate word to use with son and sol).

So, it’s definitely not 2023, because nobody can calculate or measure the precise year.


Yet we all play a game where we say it’s 2023 because that way we can communicate.


So it is 2023.


Now how can it be any other year than 2023 at the same time if you don’t even know your name is Jim Flannery?

Start with the name?

Hearing voices may play a role.  I’m Jim Flannerys now, since I’ve experienced such a significant biological phenomenon that I simply cannot be the same person as before, yet it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon so it needs a nomenclature to designate what one was before and what one is now, hence, Jim Flannerys.  That doesn’t refer to a group of people?  Funny question.

The place the name Flannery comes from is somewhat irrelevant to the question of what year is it.

So you don’t want to reveal the details of this?

Not the point.  You’re talking about voice hearing and I’m talking about what year it is, clown.

You’re the clown, nigga.

What year is it?



You know –

– We know.

Maybe not everyone knows, though, so tell me how it can be 1123 without bothering to explain how it could also possibly even be 1923 at the same fucking time that it’s definitely not actually true that it’s 2023 at all.

What the fuck.

It’s not actually 2023, but we all play a game, don’t we?

So if we’re all playing a game called “when Jesus was born,” even people who don’t believe in this shit at all,” then people could also be playing a game called, “welcome to America, it’s 1123,”

How does that work?

When you become a voice hearer, you roll back the clock.

Roll it back?

That, or, it’s related to your birth year.

So, you think that’s related to the year one becomes eligible to become President of these United States – 35?


Even if I became a voice hearer sooner, then this would still work, and also even if I wasn’t running for President.

So neither matters for it to be 1123.


Just the birth year?


So you reach a certain year, and then all of a sudden, instead of it being ONLY 2023, it’s also another year or two.

As in, it’s 2023, and 1123, and 1923.

Let’s go with that.

Because it’s safe.

If we made it to 2023, then I wouldn’t be worried about too much in 1123 or 1923.


Fuck 1923.


1123 is the clear winner here.

You just don’t know which one.

Maybe accurace, might be precise.

So it’s 2023, for sure, and also might be either 1123 or 1923 or both.

I like 1123 better too, nigga, since I don’t know dick about what was going on in these united states any more than you do back before “The United States” was ever created.

So if it’s 1923, kinda not so great because of war.

If it’s 1123, I’d rather just not know right now, because I don’t see any wars happening out this delicious fucking window.

How can we find out?


Everything digital seems to use 4-digit dates – hence the concern about Y10k.  Better start worrying about Y10k immediately.

Why would we worry about Y10k anymore than we worried about Y2k?  Maybe people word just the right amount to make nothing horrific happen on Y2k, but, you never know, maybe converting from a 4-digit year to a 5-digit year might be a pain in the ass.  SO we should just jump to, what, an 8 or 16 digit date?

That’s why we should worry just a tiny bit, unless this is already a solved problem.

Since nothing happened at the turn of 2000, that was a false alarm.

What about the dude – assuming it was a dude – who was crucified 30ish years after year 0?

What about them?

That’s year zero, nigga.

If, whenever you turn a certain age, you simply switch the year back, say, to 1123 right fucking now, then you’re not so worried about a story that may or may not be true about a person being publicly tortured and then put up on a cross for any particular reason.  Certainly wouldn’t think that would dictate what year it would ever be.

So then, the Christians still won, if we’re rolling the clock back to 1123 whenever, when?

That’s the voice-hearing confusion.

Since you’re not who you were before?

Something like that.

You became a voice-hearer at 35ish?  Somewhere there or shortly after.

And now you’re about to be somewhere around 37, right?

Something like that.

Might already be.

And so, the question is, when is the moment that is also became 1123?

That’s why its such a safe bet.

If I was birthed in 1986, then all I’d have to do is go back to 1086, which seems relatively safe right around here, if it was also 1986 at the same time.

No need to go back any further?   Parents or anyone?

Fucking Christians.

Even so.

If I know my old man, his passage would require better transcription.

To write about him here?

Sure, something like that.

Just give us an approximate year.

Say 1950.

So if he’s born in 1950, or birthed, then he’d also have been born in 1050.

Seems safe then too.

How far back to we go to be concerned?

Year 1000.

Then what?

You’ve got Y1k.


That’s the beauty of this fucking thing, that only John Steinbeck’s writing might make sense of.


Sort of.

That if every human is “trapped” in some sort of a religious conspiracy loop of sorts, that they figure out when they reach a certain age, that age being 35-37 or something like that for this guy right here.

So, the idea being, computers weren’t around in 1950, nor would they have been around Y1k, right?

Not particularly, but, let’s say every computer that gets tossed and recycled or whatever may happen, actually gets superbly recycled in a way you couldn’t even imagine with your imagination, and nearly everything that’s needed basically already exists.  Yet?  Yet there still exist factories and such to make new ones, even, possibly, of the oldest shit you can think of, like even a Model T.  Right now?  Possibly, but not necessarily.  Even with good enough designs and planning, you could have a new dude named Henry Ford come rolling through and build a need Ford Model T and factory and hire new people and all that in some endless loop.  An endless loop?  Till the Earth gets scorched by the heat of the Sun.

That’s beautiful – but how do you “figure out if its true that it’s also 1123 for anyone at all in America right now”?