I am going to write this not knowing for sure whether I’ll have the courage to publish it.

That being said, now I may proceed.

One way this could be written is to make a list of senseless bullet points offering alternatives ranging from “go for a hike” to “meditate.”

Instead, I’ll do my best to articulate a truth based on the question, “Jim Flannery, why haven’t you formed a militia and stormed a fucking mental hospital by now?”

It’s a fair question.

My short answer would be that the impact simply wouldn’t outweigh the sacrifice.

That’s kinda fucked.

I have reasons to be a person one might categorize as having the potential to be violent due to my experiences with our mental health system, not to be confused with the idea that I belong in one due to the existence of a probability that one could be capable of violence, particularly once the question is asked.

What is the probability of any fucking nigger being violent – is that what you’re looking for?

Because once you ask the question, I’m either giving you an answer that is zero or not zero, and, realistically, every fucking person can be violent, not just those locked in mental hospitals, it just creates a target.

A target?

Yes, if you’ve been harmed in such a way by your government’s mental health system, you may seek vengeance, experience also creates a target.


You may think justice.

Justice or vengeance, Jim?

Neither, who said anything about justice or vengeance?  How about just not having this shit ever again to people?  To not have people be locked up and forcibly drugged or even electroshocked or anything of these involuntary psychiatric interventions that are happening in every state right fucking now, especially when there’s no scientific basis for these claims that people possess an illness, and even if there was, then I guess I’m one of them, and what kind of disabled person would I be if I didn’t fight back about a government that wants to exterminate my particular flavor of illness.  I’m either mentally ill or I’m not, it’s that fucking simple.

So what do you do instead of killing people?

It probably depends a whole hell of a lot on your reason for wanting to kill someone.

So what do you do instead?

What’s your reason for wanting to kill people?

What if it’s like the railroad problem?

The railroad problem?

If you could flip a switch to save ten lives but it costs one.

Just don’t make it be yours, Jim.

Who’s going after the guy flipping the switch?

Everyone, Jim, Everyone.

Wouldn’t at least those ten people help that nigga out, or what?

Maybe they’re outnumbered, Jim.

And that dead one, Jim?

You know.

What if the dead one is the one that’s already trying to kill you?

That would certainly be different if there were only one but there’s so many people trying to kill us, an entire system exists to facilitate this, yes, completely different than my fears about those going after me for running for President but they’re not necessarily totally unrelated.

So if you could find just one individual to take out, would you do it?

Nigga, please don’t even send me on a hunt like that.

To identify them?

OK, here’s what I’d be more likely to do, I’ll offer you this.

Once I found out – I already know.

Find a better way.

Yes, but, at least consider the power of the imagination and the benefit it may bring to an individual to solve a puzzle as complicated as identifying the proper individual, and being able to genuinely achieve the outcome they were after, and then using whatever the physiological reward is for solving that hurdle, to launch them in a direction with increased confidence to find another way.

Find another way?

Find another way.

That’s how we all solve problems, nigga, there’s nothing magical about it.

On purpose?


Then why?

Why do some not find a better way?

Ever wanted to kill more than one person?

I suppose any ideations about eliminating someone is sort of a one or a lot situation, never considered what if you’d take our two, or three, or four, or five, or even six or seven or eight people along the way?

There’s experiences I don’t need to share about.

Nope – we want all of it.

We know, Jim.

Then just end with that, “find a better way.”

That will work in every situation except if you are trying to find a better way to exterminate a population of people, in such case, fuck off.