a telenovela

Contact your local representatives, that’s what they’re there for.

(Oh, well, fuck, what if we want to ask ‘what do we all do if’ we need you to be Commander in Chief — just put “I prefer non-violence.”)

EDIT 2/8/2023: It’s come to my attention there might be some concern about the consequences of the wonderful algorithm and greater than 1/3 of Congress being Republicans who simply refuse to vote in favor of any bill whatsoever.  I would be somewhat compelled to acknowledge the brilliance of such an elegant algorithm if that’s actually what their decision-making process is like, though the simple answer would be that if you are so concerned about that particular problem then don’t waste your time worrying about who the President will be (read: just stop reading here) and instead focus on your House and Senate votes (yes, just assume its Jim Flannery steering the invisible ship and shift your energy over to winning the 2/3 of the country you’ll need to win over to have whichever fucking thing in the world you want -> cualquier-cosa nigga ). And, fine, I’ll start a sentence with “And” and even recommend you vote for Independents (though why the hell would you vote for anyone just because I said to), just try not to find any arrogant asshole’s thinking they can replicate the aforementioned algorithm in any role other than President of these fucking United States.  Finally, yeah, it’s entirely a possibility that the annual budget (or just about anything) could be in the 50-66% approval range and a group of always-no’s could simply prevent anything from being passed whatsoever – and then you’d be pointing your finger at donkeylips here telling him to fucking do something – so here’s donkeylips donkeylipsing right back at you to get the people in your state to represent your ass like they’re in existence to do so… and the part you won’t like, but maybe you’ll love, is if they’re so fucking terrible, then just eat the shit sandwich, throw your middle fingers in the air, and say ‘fuck it, maybe things are really fucked enough that it’s worth running yourself’.  (There’s really no need for the glamorizing of such a moment with middle-finger waving… these moments are generally pretty fucking miserable and often tear-jerking, but I’d be damned if good music doesn’t help get through some of this shit, and if throwing your middle-finger is the air is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear certain tunes, go for it… though be careful throwing them both up at the same time, cualquier-cosa, idiot)

EDIT #2 just for 2/8/2023: Yes, so, it would take people actually voting to “shut everything down” to actually shut everything down, however, if, for example, an annual budget isn’t passed and nobody’s getting paid then that sorta shuts everything the fuck down without shutting everything the fuck down.  Thankfully, this piece of shit is already avoiding everyone possible so as not to be persuaded into taking any 2.4 million to 1 wagers to cover his or her salary in case they need to “obviously not good enough” any bullshit.  And, hey, there’s always Irish Golf and Artifact C, niggah.