Artifact C


You are looking at the one and only pair of underwear never worn by Jim Flannery himselves at Middlesex Hospital – better known as Artifact C.

It’s now or never, order now and this baby ships 30 days later (only to ensure your payment clears, of course), and the sooner the better… for obvious reasons.

Why such a deal on a priceless pair of undies?  It’s not just to test whether WordPress &&|| WooCommerce transactions can be done that high.

As mirrored in plain site by an Irish Golf Deal, the underwhelming conclusion to it all is the mere coincidence that $2.4 million is exactly $400,000 × 6, years fore while in office, and two to prepare.

That’s precisely 4, not eight, and 2 because they’re necessary, because it is.

In stock



Original artifact from the Buttonwood Saga (see “How to Clown…“).

Ships only to the nifty fifty.

Only ONE available.



YTF the whole $2.4 million up front instead of just the $800k you need to get where you’re going anyways?

What a question.  Probably answered by an Irish Golf Deal.