a telenovela

Well this is a bit risky writing this one directly into WordPress itself but apparently this is an important issue to deal with: whether or not I fucked myself by announcing anything before 2024 itself, ’cause I’m pretty sure (and thus apparently we all are now, aren’t we, Jim Flannery?) that it says in the rulebook that a candidate can only receive money directly from campaign fundraising funds that is proportional to their income for the previous year – which may or may not be a big ole goose egg for 2022 and I wouldn’t expect much different from you in 2023, unless, of course, you sincerely need to raise this fucking money and know that you don’t really have to because you can just write as much as you can while you can and then go build some websites, I guess, Jim, is that really what we’re doing here? You fucking prick, I know, we are literally building a website right now, now aren’t we?  Well, where my fucking paycheck, nigga?  Where, and, “oh where”, Jim, did you ever learn to write like this if I didn’t teach you this shit myself – you only wish you didn’t know where, don’t you? And, sure, since you can’t be Jim Flannery if Jim Flannery was never in that wretched place in Middletown, then what are we supposed to put on the fucking ballot, Jim?  “Jim Flannery” — sounds great till we start asking questions about who your V.P. is going to be, because if you’re going at this all alone and we may truly know already that you’re going to announce it before the final months because you think those people that do that are kinda sorta ass holes… so, what the fuck?

The contributions, Jim?  Yeah, I said no campaign contributions because if we’re doing shows and/or performances anyways (and you think you’ve got these social media algorithms rigged or something like that?) – I don’t think I or we ever said anything of the type, though I would say that it’d be pretty interesting if a presidential candidate could literally run their own social media ad campaigns on every single social media platform… I’d probably be more interested in that than some over-produced propaganda from the talented artists on the left and right, well, what the fuck, man?  Can’t you just shit on any side of this?  If you need a Tweet, or, if you’re embarrassing enough to need a “Truth” or whatever the fuck he calls those things, I guess just say, “the left, and no one in particular, is likely to blame for any and all involuntary psychiatric procedures… and the right hasn’t done a fucking thing about it”, though it could be just as likely the opposite might be true.  But it’s pretty tough to trust your government at all if you’ve been on the receiving end of forced psychiatric drugging and come to realize that these laws have been in place for decades and especially that they’re all state laws, which implies that basically everyone in power thought this was a good idea even with somewhat decentralized authority.

So… is buying your unused underwear from Middlesex Hospital (Artifact C, you mean?) or donating to your effort to win the women’s gold (that’s an Irish Golf Deal, off the books) at the special olympics (for ireland, wtf?!) a form of campaign fundraising?

First off – it can’t possibly be.

Secondly, if I were sitting back watching this shitshow of a campaign (if we can ever say this campaign’s already started ::checks notes::) I might be wondering the consequences of your firmness in your algorithm, and be curious why you’re not taking presidential campaign donations while you’re also taking contributions toward this performance art in Ireland, just like you?

Well, wouldn’t you be pissed if you even suggested that this is mere performance art without first checking with the staff over at Middlesex Hospital to confirm the sex of the person they incarcerated there for 6 nights, 7 days to be more accurate.  Not suggesting that anyone took notes during the ethnic cleansing portion of the show, though, I’d be surprised if they didn’t find the underwear remarkable – hence the interest in these undies – though it’s also true nobody should be strip searched or really be required to change their clothes at all for smoking a cigarette indoors (unless it’s prison of course, cause, fuck it, you’re in prison they kinda owe you a wardrobe if they’re locking your ass up and just fuck fuck fuck).  Yeah, I’d be worried about those “fuck, fuck, fuck”‘s as well if you don’t know proper punctuation, Jim, but as long as you don’t start walking around calling yourself Mister Flannery, you’ll probably be alright with us.  Can we?

Of course.

The devil is in the details is it not?  That even if you decided to start taking campaign contributions right now, you’re not allowed to receive any of them money till after some unrememberable (for you, maybe) date in early 2024 (or, I guess, late 2023) and even if and when that happens you’re only allowed to receive them in proportion to your salary for the preceding year – yep – well, fuck you too.

There’s always, Irish Golf, Jim, don’t let ’em hold you back.  And maybe if you think Donald’s website is such shit, why don’t you ask him for a job fixing it up for us all?