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I am a former high school physics teacher who became fed up with how poorly the school system treats young people.

If school makes you feel bored, ignored, trapped, lost in the shuffle, or just tired of having so much homework you don't have time for a life of your own - you are not alone.

Check out my new book, LEAVE SCHOOL, to learn how you can thrive without school.

LEAVE SCHOOL is available in two formats:


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There are tens of thousands of teens thriving without school... and you can too.

Check out my FREE app "LEAVE SCHOOL: what teachers can't tell you," where I share all the secrets I wasn't allowed to share with my students.

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Need More Help?


Looking for support beyond LEAVE SCHOOL?

Check out the online community I started, the Peer Unschooling Network, to connect directly with other young people pursuing self-directed education.

You can also watch/listen to the youth podcast Youth on Subjects of the World which features young self-directed learners from around the world.

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education and the Alternative Education Resource Organization are two valuable organizations supporting those seeking self-directed alternatives to conventional schooling.