a telenovela

As a President who vows to do nothing, unless of course he or she has to, it would be important to wonder what it is you expect all of us to do.

Since you already seemed to cover that you’re not actually going to utilize executive authority to even get something passed related to forced psychiatric drugging, then what about things like the Birthday Loophole, or, yes, Jim, this was your fucking idea so just say it in writing, the First Lady Amendment.

Seems to me that if the First Lady is being forced to be the First Lady, that’s slavery.  You don’t need to write “a form of slavery” every time and dilute your words, Jim.

So,is it or is it not slavery to be the First Lady and don’t even try to roundabout your way out of this by pointing out that being the President is essentially slavery as well since it can or cannot be done against a person’s will (yes, even if they get dual-citizenship to try and avoid so-called “responsibility”), get to it, is it slavery or not?

It’s fucking slavery.

Good enough for me.  Now do you know how we all feel about this too?

Not exactly.