a telenovela

If you’re tired, we can stop?  Why stop?  Because maybe the quality of your penmanship will go down.

Good one.

Thanks, just, before you go and smoke another spliff or whatever your spick friends call those things, why don’t you just draft up a quick constitutional amendment using the Queen’s English here and then we’ll call it a Chapter.

There shall be no involuntary psychiatric procedures performed on any individual.

Now quit fucking of fand just end it there.  I just wish – wish, you’re fucking wishing right now, Jim – I just wish that if and when this happens, that someone passes something like this, that it doesn’t result in them saying “okay, no problem, we’ll just chain you up in basements somewhere or just kill you” since that won’t violate this involuntary psychiatric procedures law.

That’d be it.

So write a fucking better one.

I was thinking something with the word “psychiatric belief” since that is a belief system as best.  Yeah, just get on with that part, sure.

Before I heard voices all the time, this seems like bullshit, to claim there’s a neurochemical imbalance without any scientific evidence of it or even a specific neurotransmitter or type of receptor or at least something to point at other than some old gossip about my fucking family.  Yet you believed something?  Yes, the best fucking question all day “what made you believe you had a psychiatric disorder?”

It’s embarrassing but having them convince me I might be some kind of fucking genius actually sold me, especially given the circumstances of being locked in there when A&J Biomedics was, let’s say, weighing on me.

So, is that a real thing?  That you have something different in your brain that, I guess, would be a real thing that one would refer to as bipolar disorder?

I’d have to say that’s a giant “no.”  I can’t believe there’s anything like that, I just sorta think I’m fucking damaged, even if the damage is completely the fault of being labelled and tortured for allegedly being a person with this fucking bipolar disorder thing.

So you realize how stupid we all think you are for ever even worrying about a little thing called bipolar disorder, right?  Since we are fucking entities in your head and all that?  Why would we be worried about that when, you guessed it, we already know math too, and there’s a higher probability someone is going to capture you, open your skull up, remove your brain, and do to you what you did to those fucking mice and other rugrats just so they can figure out how to prevent you and other people from hearing voices.  And is that so fucking just, Jim?  Not so much.  We know.  Love you too.

How about “No incarceration or involuntary medical procedures for those believed to be psychiatrically disabled”?

Try again, or, better yet, sure, call up Carlone and tell him you’re still running for President and would prefer to have a lawyer draft something up if it’s going to end up in the fucking Constitution, Jim.  No, noe of us want the phrase “psychiatric” ever showing up in the fucking Constitution, even if it might somehow protect us, Jim.  Who’s call is that?  Well, fuck me too, yes, grab a bag of gummy bears and meet me on the Observation Deck if you have any kicking around.  Sure, maybe invite a neurologist to the discussion to figure out how to write a single fucking sentence that can’t be broken, just don’t expect them to show up on the Observation Deck, again, if you think that’s not the dumbest fucking thing you’ve ever even briefly thought might possibly be true.

How could you possibly think anyone would read this, Jim, and not think, where’s that link to support the Jim Flannery for President in 2024 Campaign?  There is no link like that, they already know you’re baiting me, or baiting them, or cualquier-cosa is even happening right now.  So, the best we can do is just support your effort to go learn to golf so you can beat a bunch of broads with disabilities?  Accurate.