Connecticut’s Unfortunate Son Does Not Declare War on the State(s)

Hartford Hospital the Target of Just Another Stunt?


HARTFORD, CT | May 20, 2023 — Presidential Candidate Jim Flannery compelled Hartford Hospital to place him on a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold via physician’s certificate this morning.  Identifying as a “John Doe” and claiming “grave disability” as a consequence of “psychiatric disabilities,” Flannery cited two symptoms, referring to his voice-hearing experiences as “hallucinations” and declaring his fixed belief that he is or not the next President of the United States as a “delusion,” thus qualifying him for a diagnosis of “schizophrenia disorder” according to the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders (5th edition).  Flannery, least known for his performance in the Buttonwood Saga that resulted in his ill-invited involuntary psychiatric hospitalization in Middletown this past January, arrived to Hartford Hospital on foot, voices in head and pitching wedge in hand, with a suitcase and an umbrella.

“In case it rains,” Flannery explained.  As an uninsured “John Doe” from Massachusetts whom may or may not have traded their MassHealth card for a Burger King Kid’s Club card at an Irish spa in Savannah, Flannery will be transported from Hartford Hospital to a Connecticut state mental health inpatient facility for ongoing treatment.  Due to HIPAA laws related to patient privacy rights, Hartford Hospital cannot provide information related to which state facility Flannery will be moved to, thus creating a Jim-Flannery-quantum-superposition throughout the entirety of Connecticut’s mental health system.

As inpatient psychiatric treatment for an individual labelled with “schizophrenia disorder” costs roughly $1,000 per day, the state of Connecticut will ultimately spend more than $500,000 for Flannery’s psychiatric incarceration by the time the 2024 General Election arrives to resolve his stated delusionary symptom related to the office of the President.  Flannery is expected to be released at such time.

Until then, the only play the residents of the state of Connecticut have aside from eating half of a million-dollar shit-sandwich is to request their leaders have Flannery shipped to Massachusetts, however, since Massachusetts mental health law does not include a “grave disability” clause, Flannery could simply be released upon being returned to the state of Massachusetts.  No stranger to the law, Flannery understands fully that “transporting an individual incarcerated at a state mental health facility across state lines” is not worth mentioning in a press release.







Fuck it, just in case, please reach out to MindFreedom International and insist they issue a Shield Alert to make sure they don’t electroshock me and hopefully don’t drug me – for Fuck’s sake, the “delusion” surrounding my belief I will or will not be the next President of these united states will take care of itself once the election arrives, it won’t be corrected by drugs (nor was it when we were forcibly drugged in California, by the way, thankfully those motherfuckers didn’t know we heard voices).

Obviously, we apologize to all those whose feelings are harmed by our sacrifice – family not excluded. 


“And if I laugh at any mortal thing, ‘Tis that I may not weep”