PLEASE NOTE — the event has been postponed to:

APRIL 29, 2023

12:00pm Gainesville Time





                                                                          Jim Flannery(s) in Gainesville                                         

Next President of these United States slated for appearance

GAINESVILLE, Florida | April 22, 2023 – Performing today and today only will be none other than your future President of these United States, the not-so-self-proclaimed “Queen of Gainesville,” Jim Flannery(s) and no like(ly) appearance(s) from 'PROBABLYORTECHNICALLY'.  Not only that, but Headquarters Library will need no more than three fig trees and a hug from me to you to handle the twenty-four person(s) in attendance.  Please bear with us as we handle the fruit all our Selve(s).

That would be noon, our time, and maybe yours as well, then again, maybe not.



now tell me whatever it is we need to know:


Title: Jim Flannery(s) in Gainesville

Date and Time: April 22 at 12:00pm Eastern

Location: Headquarters Library in Gainesville, FL

Description: Come one, come all for the most magnificent experience of all of our lifetime(s) featuring the only Irish Golfer running for President of these United States, Probably and/or Technically.  You may expect to see: juggling, backflips, front-flips, a chorus of punctuation, and the most satisfying softcore comedy never published anywhere.  Stumped?  Don't be.