Ex-mental patient disrupts U.S. mental health laws with Presidential candidacy

If elected, laws will currently require him to serve entire term in a mental hospital



EASTHAMPTON, Mass., JANUARY X[10], 2023 – Jim Flannery announced today that he will indeed pursue the office of the president of these united states in the 2024 election.

If Flannery is sworn into office on January 20, 2025, the combination of his past psychiatric diagnoses and current mental health laws will force Washington D.C. authorities to forcibly hospitalize him and likely force psychiatric treatment upon him yet again.

Flannery shared in the announcement to his email list on January X]10]:

It’s as much tragedy as it is comedy that the moment I’m sworn into office as president of these united states, I will temporarily take on the role of being the most dangerous person on planet earth, which, when combined with my mental health history, will compel the government to hospitalize me again.  The sad thing is that because I choose not to take psychiatric drugs, there’s no justifiable reason for them to release me except when my time in office is up and I’m no longer considered a danger to others.  Since this is supposed to be a lifelong illness, I guess this means no one who has ever received a bipolar disorder diagnosis and doesn’t take psychiatric drugs can ever legally be elected … without carrying out the entirety of their presidential duties from inside a mental hospital.

Flannery’s claims appear to be substantiated by Washington D.C. law, which states in Subchapter III, Section 21-521 that:

An accredited officer or agent of the Department of Mental Health of the District of -Columbia, or an officer authorized to make arrests in the District of Columbia, or a physician or qualified psychologist of the person in question, who has reason to believe that a person is mentally ill and, because of the illness, is likely to injure himself or others if he is not immediately detained may, without a warrant, take the person into custody, transport him to a public or private hospital, or to the Department, and make application for his admission thereto for purposes of emergency observation and diagnosis. The application shall reveal the circumstances under which the person was taken into custody and the reasons therefore.

While involuntary mental health law is not explicitly defined at the federal level, there exist laws in every state that describe similar consequences for individuals believed to be both mentally ill and a danger to others, which means that states would be required to change their mental health laws for Flannery to be able to safely step foot on their land post-inauguration.

Flannery added, “It’s unfortunate my own family will have to find out via the media, since any discussions about anything related to running for President result in veiled threats that I be hospitalized, probably for being delusional that I believe I will, in fact, be elected the next President of these United States.  So, for the record, I do not believe I can win, therefore this must be a publicity stunt.”

Flannery intends to kick off his campaign at Bo Diddley Plaza in Gainesville, FL on April  1 or-or April 22, 2023.  (No, it’s definitely not a resurrected former president come back from the dead to get shot in the skull at point blank range by someone who shall remain nameless)

He went on (and on and on), “Since I’m already outside of the country preparing for a comedy tour for this year, it’s not too much of a detour from my existing plans to simply turn this into a Presidential campaign.  Who knows, this may just turn out to be the coast-to-coast cognitive liberty festival I’ve been dreaming of organizing for years.  Gainesville’s the first city that ever seemed to believe in me, and what better way to celebrate Earth Day in 2023 than Gainesville, Florida, unless, of course, it’s April Fool’s Day.”

Flannery is not registered as being a member of any political party.




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