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Jim Flannery

I started my blog as a means to develop my seemingly rapid and disconnected thoughts into a communicable, organized form. I also find writing is a useful exercise for building emotional resilience in sharing these thoughts with the public. I find it frightening to be so exposed, yet also exciting to see what kind of response I get from people. Plus, it’s revealing to look backward to reflect on what topics I’ve written about over time as my story unfolds.


The Peer-To-Peer Revolution: Part 3 – Energy

October 16, 2015

In case you haven’t been following along (where have you been?!), this is part 3 of my 8 part series discussing how peer-to-peer transactions are shaping the way we use and value housing, transportation, energy, finance, entertainment, media, mental health, and education.   Today, I’ll be writing about energy.  While there are many different forms…

The Peer-To-Peer Revolution: Part 2 – Transportation

October 9, 2015

This is part two of my eight part series titled “The Peer-to-peer revolution.” Over the course of an eight week period I will be sharing my thoughts on how peer-to-peer transactions are reshaping the world we live in.  And I don’t use the term revolution simply for drama.  OK, partly for drama.  But I call…

The Peer-To-Peer Revolution: Part 1 – Housing

October 2, 2015

Over the next two months, I’m going to be writing about a magical transformation that is taking place on this planet that you may not have noticed: the peer-to-peer revolution. Like all good revolutions, this transformative change is taking place from the bottom-up: it is driven by the people, not the powerful. In fact, in…

What Is The Problem With Our Education System?

September 25, 2015

What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is your proposed solution? What is your value proposition? Who are your customers? What is your revenue model? Are you a for-profit or a non-profit? Who is the end user of your product? Who will pay you to use your product? Are you sure you’re…

The Declaration of Interdependence

September 11, 2015

I hold these truths to be obvious.  No person is created equal and none can stand alone.  Independence is an illusion.  We need one another.  The desire for independence is also a farce.  We want to need one another.   Dissecting the quest for independence requires one first to define it since it comes in…

How to write your first blog post

September 4, 2015

How to write your first blog post.  My first blog post will be a “how-to” article on how to write your first blog post.  After following these five steps, you will be armed with all the tools necessary to begin your blogging career (just like me!). First and foremost, be as insecure and anxious as…

My collection of mostly physics-themed oil paintings

December 1, 2014

Around age 27, I felt like I had been so focused on engineering and science that my creativity became impaired. To balance things out, I decided to try oil painting and found I really enjoyed the process of creating something out of nothing. There’s a tendency for my subject matter to be physics related, which…


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