"Flim Jannery keeps it real and pushes the boundaries of creative humor in his undeniably inappropriate storytelling - from his experiences with bipolar disorder and manic psychosis to running from the National Security Agency."

- Pope Francis

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Show #2

Wethersfield, CT
April, 2015

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Flim's First Show

Southington, CT
March, 2014

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National Security Agency

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Bipolar Disorder

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Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

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Teaching High School

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Ocean Beach Resurrection

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I Love Standup

Jim Flannery art Flim Jannery - entertainment

I distinctly remember my brother bringing home Chris Rock's "Roll with the New" album when I was in 4th grade. I went to a magnet high school where we all got our own laptops and I used their high speed internet to pirate George Carlin's entire videography. After binge-watching his collection, I decided I wanted to perform.I spent months preparing a 5 minute set covering covered topics like terrorism, school shootings and semen popcicles - pretty progressive stuff for a a 16 year old in 2003.  My dad drove a friend and me to an open mic in Boston for my first performance. I was petrified and couldn't imagine how anyone would find this to be fun. I decided "this isn't for me" and abandoned comedy for a decade.

Then came 2013. I was 26 and now had a decade-worth of wild stories to share... some of which resulted in force psychiatric hospitalization (oops!).  After a convincing discussion with my niece who advised me that the world needed to hear my fucked up stories, I decided it was time to return to the stage. Narcissistically, I thought (and still think) of using comedy as a tool for influencing public opinion about mental health. So just after my birthday in March of 2013, I got back on stage at Winston's in Ocean Beach, California and resurrected my comedy life.  Since then I've been on stage just about every week and have done two major shows which I turned into my album, The Flim Trilogy. I hope you enjoy.