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At 17, I performed my stand-up debut at an open mic in Boston, Massachusetts. My dad drove a friend and me out there so that I could perform a five-minute set about terrorism and school shootings. I lost the recording and was scared away from stand-up comedy for 10 years – just long enough to find my comedic voice.

The first three tracks of The Flim Trilogy are from my first booked show at a bar in Southington, CT, where I showcased my stand-up comedy to friends and family for the first time. The next six tracks are from a year later when I performed in my hometown of Wethersfield, Connecticut. The final track is from Winston’s Beach Club in San Diego, California, which was my first open mic back after my 10 year hiatus.


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1 E DUIz + PCPz = LOLz 3:12
2 E Bipolar Disorder 2:08
3 E Bucket List 2:17
4 E Intervention 1:24
5 E Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation 2:39
6 E National Security Agency 4:04
7 E Quit Smoking Weed 1:41
8 E Living With a Lady 1:11
9 E Teaching High School 1:53
10 E Ocean Beach Resurrection 0:59

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November 11, 2015