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The Peer Unschooling Network was created in late 2016 to connect unschooled teens from around the world.


Started in 2014, Open Source High is a peer-to-peer teaching community powered by student-made video lessons.

entrepreneurs anonymous

While the other PeerSchool projects are focused on teens, Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a social network that allows entrepreneurs of all ages to discuss personal challenges unique to the self-employed.

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I love Peer Learning

Through Open Source High and the Peer Unschooling Network, I've been working to build tools that allow youths to learn from one another. Ultimately, my goal is to liberate all interested youths from the compulsory education system.


In the beginning, I thought I was very much alone in my goals to help kids leave school and learn on their own.   Fortunately, I discovered that there is an entire community of people, called 'unschoolers,' who are already learning without school.  Their philosophy: "learning is natural and school is optional."

The vision I see for the future is one where students have the choice in their learning experience.  Some private facilities are already opening up like the Liberated Learning Centers, Agile Learning Centers, and Sudbury-model Schools. I believe the PeerSchool technology platform will allow students to form their own self-directed communities using readily available public (free) resources. This may either come from democratic uprisings in schools (that could be fun!) or from students opting out of school (as opposed to dropping out) and forming their own self-directed learning communities at libraries or other public centers.