welcome to MAD PRIDE WORLD 2020 ...

... where I want to know...

"What does MAD PRIDE mean to YOU?"

mad pride

How to Submit a Video

Sorry!  The deadline has passed.

Thank you to Nehchal for creating the first video and thank you to him as well as all of Sagnik's team for giving me the courage and confidence to post the second video!


In solidarity with MAD PRIDE SEOUL, I am reaching out to psychiatric survivors around the world to invite you to participate in a livestream event on October 10, 2020.  (NOTE: Event moved to October 31!)

I need you to submit a video that is 3 minutes or less (5 is the hard limit!) answering the question:


What does MAD PRIDE mean to you?


Submissions are due by October 7th to be showcased at the Seoul Mad Pride event on October 10.

Submit your "MAD PRIDE WORLD" video!

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  • Email required for a confirmation
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