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Introducing tunable white LED lighting.

jim flannery, owner of AAAA lighting co

I am passionate about educating individuals on the benefits of healthy lighting, as well as being a human rights activist to end coercive schooling and forced psychiatric treatment. School facilities, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons often provide the people they hold captive with suboptimal, detrimental lighting. Tunable, human-centric lighting products offer tremendous health benefits to these individuals, and the proceeds go to fund my activism efforts in human liberation.

The amount of blue light in the sky changes throughout the day.


The human brain responds to the change in blue light.


More blue makes you alert.


Source: "Applicability and efficacy of variable light in schools" Barkmann, Wessolowski, Schulte-Markwort (2012)

Source: "Influence of blue-enriched classroom lighting on students'cognitive performance" Keis, Helbig, Streb, Hille (2014) 

Less blue helps you sleep.


Source: "The Effects of Red and Blue Lights on Circadian Variations in Cortisol, Alpha Amylase, and Melatonin" Rea and Figueiro (2010)

Source: "Light as a central modulator of circadian rhythms, sleep and affect"LeGates, Fernandez, and Hattar (2014)

New lighting technology lets you adjust the amount of blue light.

(Try out this tunable desk lamp by sliding the bar.)