a telenovela

Clowns, nigga, just clowns.

Not just clowns.

Nigga, do you understand the difference between just a clown and a just clown?

You’re the fucking joker nigger from the movies aren’t you?

Just clown and Jester sound similar.

To whom?

Just clown and Jester?

No, you’re doing it wrong.

Try the just clown and Jester.

Now you’re getting somewhere, nigga, now we’re all getting somewhere.

Not a champion?

At what, nigga?

How about what you think, nigga?

Comedian would be nice.

Then how can we make those movies you’ve been writing into actual feature films, nigga?

You know you can’t just be a comedian, nigga, don’t worry, please, don’t worry.

Why the fuck not?

Why not, Jim?


Thank you too, nigga, for that, for life, nigga.

There’s some other shit too.

We know.

Well, what the fuck, Jim?  Or Jim Flannery?

Sure, nigga, what the fuck are we going to do.

That’s not possible.


Some thing aren’t real, nigga.

Who said ‘nigga’?

Better be careful – nigga, Jim Flannery told me ‘safe but never careful’.

Did he teach you that?

Teach me?

He told you but didn’t teach you?

Nigga, you must be the dumbest motherfucker to ever piss Eddie Murphys off.

Eddie Murphys?

Yes, nigga, Eddie Murphys.

The same one?

Maybe different.


A dude, let’s say dude since he’s black and people don’t know what the fuck you’re writing about right now, a dude named Eddie Murphy who became Eddie Murphys when he began hearing voices.  “He”?  Sure, nigga, Eddie sounds like a dudes name.  What do you know about people’s names changing?  Nigga?  Like Ireland, nigga?  No, not like Ireland.  Like people’s names being stamped on their fucking forehead.  Now we don’t really know if we’re talking about Ireland at all, nigga, do we?  Nope.  Not a problem, Jim, we’re not in Ireland, are we?  Nope.  No worries, Jim.

Then, yes, Jim, if you’re so fortunate as to have already been clowning with some fools going by Jim Flannerys, then what the fuck can ya do about it?

Who’s been clowning with Jim Flannerys?

I might know some people, Jim.

Then we’re clowns?

Can’t we do stand-up?

Of course, we can do stand-up, Jim, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you.

Is that a good idea?

Nigga, who taught you that?

Of course.

Of course not, nigga.

We can do anything.

Then what are we?

Human beings, nigga.

You know that’s not what I’m looking for.

Me neither, nigga.

It can’t be any other way?

If you think a clown can become President of these United States.

Is that a sentence?

A fucking life sentence, nigga.

Is there fresh air?

Will be ‘till you show up.

What do you want to be while we go have a smoke – human being – being what nigga?  Being what?  A human being what?  I was thinking “a degenerate who doesn’t know what the fuck to do about everything.”  Can you teach me how to do that?  Method acting?  Method acting, Jim, can you teach that shit?  Why don’t you just ask the feds?  The feds?  Sure, ask the feds to teach a course on method acting, there’s probably a budget line item for cameras, just film their sessions.  Film their sessions?  Maybe it’s not already filmed at all, nigga, maybe you shouldn’t share this shit.

Isn’t is 2023?

Nigga, it’s been 2023 all day long.

Maybe for you.

For me?


What year, Jim?

Whatever fucking year I say.


Would you rather I say Not 2023?


Still stuck playing the Nots?

Playing the Knots?

Playing with Nazis on the internet, Jim.

Sometimes it’s fun to fuck with people.

Don’t we all know.

Of course.

Ask Neil DeGrasse Tyson what fucking year it is.


Or someone in China?  Or India?  Where, Jim?  Where can I look at a fucking bank statement and see anything other than 2023 for a transaction that took place today.


Nigga, what the fuck is today?

Not Valentine’s Day.

Nigga, what the fuck?

Can we act like we’re not acting?

Fuck you.

Try me.

Fuck you.

I mean it.

Try me.


Try me.

This has been a composition by ChatGPT.  Copyright Jim Fucking Flannery Forever.