a telenovela

I can tell by your impulse to write about LGBTQ people that you think this is some kind of diversity checklist now, so what else?

I was already thinking of writing about slavery again, so why put that off till after the LGBTQ article that I was also planning on writing anyway.  And since you’re focusing more on whether these “things” are being referred to as articles or blogs or essays or cualquier-cosa else it needs to be called to exist, then I guess we’re good to talk about slavery now?

Well – fuck – yeah, someone might need to read what you or I or we wrote in the previous article or essay or blog post to understand why you would even introduce the subject again.

Well, fuck it, I haven’t actually put the 13th amendment anywhere on here?  Sure about that?  Another great question from the inner corner of my round skull.

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

I didn’t fucking write it!  And you didn’t pull it up on Wikipedia like a good little boy, now did you?  Nope.  OK, so what the fuck?  Yeah, what the fuck to you.  Change it.  You change it.  I don’t know how to change it anymore than you do, I wasn’t asking you to.  No?  Pretend more for more then.  I’ll pretend right now that I was asking you “what should it be changed to” to avoid a civil war, right?  Because you already know there’s a similar problem with the CRPD, right, that if the federal government passes a law, there could be some states that say “fuck off” to the union altogether.  Technically, that’s accurate, I was more thinking they’d say “Naw, we’ll stay in the union, but comes in here with all your might and force and such and make us follow your new rules” – either way, not so awesome, eh?  Yeah… I guess I was trying to avoid a so-called bloodbath, but if you’re saying that it’s anywhere near as likely that states would literally just exit the United States over being told they can’t torture people (or enslave them, Jim?), yeah, I’ve read about that kind of thing, and what else have you or have you not read about slavery in prisons today, like right the fuck now?

Sure, let’s not ruin everybody’s afternoon and at least acknowledge that states have the right to create their own lovely documents outlawing slavery within their state, even if that doesn’t apply everywhere, and, yes, some of those people living in those states may be just as embarrassed that their own country’s Constitution says this shit, but, yeah nigga, you guessed it, there’s some people in those states who might still be alive reading this shit right now thinking, “well, fuck, if there’s other states using forced labor, maybe we can cash in on that shit too” or something along those lines, huh?  Is that all you think, as if you didn’t at one point – really – you think I was toying with the idea of starting a business with telemarketers in prison, you must have been at one of my shows – thanks for showing up.

Yeah, good luck with the 3/4, Jimbo.

Seems more important than some things, but what the fuck do I know, I just grew up int his god forsaken country, which, yes, also means I can say “god forsaken” even if there sure as shit ain’t one, though, by all means, feel free to explore your spirituality and meet all the mystical beings you want, you might get lucky and end up Nigger Jim, just don’t say “I told you so.”

And ask Carlone about the Many-Worlds Theorem vs. Copenhagen Interpretation, that essay got nuked last time we tried running Jim for President, there might be a God in there for some people that’s worth hanging out with, I’ll stick with my headmates, who, you guessed it by now, are a bunch of fucking leprechauns.

(AKA – you’ve got a huge fucking problem if you’re the Commander in Chief, Jim, and you are against slavery, since it currently takes place within these United States – now who’s got executive authority jammed up their ass?  And, seriously, all you’ve got is “contact your local representative or run for office yourself and you’ll actually have the power to help solve the problem without a fucking bloodbath” – that’s the best I can give you at this point unless you yourself are willing to, what?  Die to defend slavery?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I’m sure not willing to die to defend slavery, dude.  OK, I’m with you.  But are you willing to fight and kill those who are claiming they are willing to die to defend it?  That’s an interesting use of the word “claiming” there… you fucking optimist, we hate you, but we still love you for avoiding answering a question yet again.  Thanks for the lessons yourself, Jim, we’re not doing this for our fucking health anymore than you would be)