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Welcome to the exciting world of reading the first legitimate blog post or article I’ve ever written meself about what Jim Flannery’s presidency will be like.

This symbol should summarize the policy well: to force people to come to together or else nobody in this fucking country is getting fed ever again.


second copy


Don’t be distracted by what appears to be the word “Hi” or a cat with a large tail popping up behind it, this graphic is a mere illustration of a mathematical algorithm once seen:

The first block contains the United States Congress consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, both of which each require a 2/3 majority vote to override a veto from the executive branch.  The second block contains the states within the union, which requires a 3/4 majority to pass a Constitutional amendment.

In plain fucking English, the plan is to adhere to the principle illustrated by the graphic throughout the duration of our 4 (not 8) years in office…. to veto every single bill that’s placed on our desk… while hoping that you do your fucking job and get some shit passed so we can at least keep the lights on – and, hey, a constitutional amendment about forced chemical sedation seems in order, so please, stay ambitious, America.


Note 2/3/2023: Jim Flannerys is now Jim Flannery, which means this shit is all of ours now, bitches.


Addendum 2.21.2023:

This color looks pretty dope, though it could use an interior extrusion in white between the black and grey – nigga, wtf is an interior extrusion that wouldn’t automatically be between the black and grey unless you just want to write “gray” in quotes like a dumbfuck (don’t even worry, we say “grey” and “gray” even when we meant to put “grey” in quotes, unless you talkin’ funny) funny?  who you talking to like that?  all of us, nigga, ALL of us.  I dig the not purple, but when skies clear up, not down, then, purple not gris


Jim Flannerys Favorite Fucking Algorithm now at least, dude

Addendum 2022222 – here’s fore the next generation:
(just tell them this is some “next generation shit” and see where it gets ya)


the precious JUSTWIN algorithm


update: 3/1/2013 – just typos, nigga, like the date format?