I clearly owe a written thank you directed specifically to MindFreedom Shield members for your support in January.

Firstly, my apologies for not expressing my gratitude in writing sooner (and also for whatever did or did not happen with MindFreedom’s email server, hopefully it was taken as an open-hearted gesture).

Groveling aside, I write with a pleading request about my latest live-action performance (Connecticut’s Unfortunate Son Does Not Declare War on the State(s)).  Since I have no clue as to which facility they’re going to ship me off to, please direct a Shield Alert toward the Hartford Courant’s executive editor, Helen Bennett.

The Shield Alert is specifically for me to not be harmed by physiological intervention.  To be clear: it is not to request my release, despite the circumstance of my stay being legally involuntary.

The key detail being focused on with this particular clowning is that there are two symptoms to report: (1) hearing voices (read: hallucination) and (2) the belief that I am or am not the next president of these united states (read: delusion).  As you may already be aware or not, having those two symptoms satisfies the DSM V for a diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia disorder’.  Combining said psychiatric diagnosis with the label of being “gravely disabled” by arriving penniless is all that’s needed to lock up and drug/torture a motherfucker – so that’s that – there are TWO symptoms, one of which will disappear on its own in about 18 months resulting in my release.

Please include in your writing a direct request that they not electroshock me, and hopefully, also not drug me.

Overall, I must share the probability is high that I’ll be drugged for the duration of my stay since there’s not much you can do to stop them from using force on me over such a long period of time (read: “we’re in this for the long haul”).  They simply have no way to justify holding me for so long without using their preferred intervention method, which is torture, but hopefully you can help delay it at least.

My worst fears of this all are four-point restraint (which may be possible to avoid) and electroshock treatment, which I have in immense for over following what happened in California in March – the realization that when they actually accept the drugs are doing a fucking thing to help me and decide that they might as well zap the fuck out of me and see what happens.  Please do not let this happen (to any anyone! EVER!  Fuck these people!!!)

This matter will resolve itself naturally once the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election concludes and the alleged delusion surrounding my Presidency dissolves on its own, at which time I can return to being classified as just another mentally-well dude who happens to hear voices and no longer qualifies for schizophrenia since their own standards manual require a second so-called symptom to label me as a result of my voice-hearing abilities.

I guess I’ll acknowledge the possibility that you don’t want to help me because I got myself stuck in this fucking situation and the fact that I’m not including a request that you help me be released, just that I be allowed to heal my own delusion without psychiatric interventions, which makes me a fucking ass hole.

So please just keep in mind the dark realty that these motherfuckers can and will do whatever it is they want and there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to persuade them to release me after November 5, 2024 (particularly if I lose, one might suppose, but we ain’t in this fucking things to lose – there, I said it, nigga).

I’m sorry – “just high-risk clowning, nigga, don’t worry”


Jim Flannery(s)

P.S. If you feel so compelled to contact the hospitals directly, I guess just go for it.  But please don’t don’t tell them anything about me, at all, please, anything you say to them can and will most certainly be used against me.  They aren’t legally allowed to confirm or deny whether or not I’m even locked up or my name or where I am or anything, but they can and do take everything you say to them and put it in their fucking reports as if it is fact (read: “don’t be a fucking hero”).  So I’m not an activist, I’m not a comedian, a hop-hop artist, a teacher, a film-maker, nothing, I’m not a fucking anything, ok, just nothing, tell them nothing except that “no fucking human being including Jim Flannery(s) deserves to be tortured.”