edit: federal complaint completed, please contact me if you are a human rights attorney willing to support this thing through as an excessive force and two medical negligence cases (Complaint | AO 441 | JS 44)

edit 2: pain in the glute-region lasted approximately one month following just one set of injections, plus an additional week to stop walking funny; still numb near both thumbs (May 4, 2023)

edit 3: might as well use the terms "testicular akathesia" as well as "penile akathesia" in the body of this post so that search engines can find it since this may be the first reported case (thanks, Uncle Jimmy)


I’m just not going to write a fucking article about what happened, I’ve thrown out the records like all the other trips to mental hospitals and simply never want to look at this shit again.  I’m sorry.

That being said, I guess I “owe” it to publish the draft of what happened from my memory and notes that I’ve shared with enough lawyers to know that nobody wants my case (not should I expend my fucking time on this shit instead of focusing on running for President), most likely because it is a combination of three cases: one of police brutality (cough: excessive force) and two of medical malpractice.  (or is it medical negligence?) --- Jim, nobody wants to represent someone who was on a 5150, regardless of anything else you have to say (yep, thank your public defender(s) who have no choice but to represent people).

I’m sure there is plenty more than is written here that could be shared and would be effective in horrifying you if I took more time to tap into my memory, most of it comes directly from transcribed notes, basically all of it does, but what more can I say, they torture American citizens in this country who have committed no crimes (as if that should make a difference) and here is the best evidence I can give you, though, what the fuck, just watch Voices for Choices.

(PDF? Or not to PDF?  Let’s not PDF.  Fuck it, just go with a PDF, and please include, “your guess is as good as mine as to why the dates in the detailed background end on April 4th even though it’s a known fact that I got out on April 3rd.”)

LINK – "Costa Rica" by Jim Flannery(s)

(nigga doesn't even know what to call himself anymore - "just Jim Flannery" is what people would prefer, jims - I think I would too but what if I actually am Jim Flannerys irregardless of what even I think about it?  What the fuck, dude?  Cultural significance?  Fuck the cultura, nigga, you'll always be Jim Flannery, right?  I fucking hope so, man.  Thank you)