Here’s 1 of more than 1…. the rest will soon follow…. daily… until… when?  I guess one day a paper “should” follow, though it’s just as likely it’s already written.  I guess this might be “see you in April” if we don’t get some shows booked quick…. hope the Buttonwood Saga didn’t cost us the Buttonwood forever.

I think this is the point where we’re supposed to warn that going off psychiatric drugs may or may not increase the likelihood that you become a permanent voicehearer…. but it’s equally true that  we’re way beyond the point where we should be offering warnings that taking psychiatric drugs may prevent you from becoming a voicehearer at all (or simply put: a person who hears voices). 

So, tread lightly, but don’t tread the fuck on me?  Still not sure what that means, eh?  Why don’t we look it up together after we hit update and cualquier-cosa all those americanos in the southwestern part of the country, shall we?  (edit: great phrase, yet again, why are we so culturally soft or self-centered as not to steal the best shit from everywhere, oops)