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EDIT 6/2021: Since making this post, I’ve created a free PDF of LEAVE SCHOOL.


The “hacks” described below will not be 100% “free”; they will require you to put in some time.  Then again, I put in a lot of time and effort into creating the LEAVE SCHOOL app, so it feels like a fair exchange.

The main issue I’m trying to address by writing this article offering the app for “FREE”, is that there are many young people who simply do not have access to any payment methods online.  It’s not about the money exactly, it’s about accessibility.  This is an unfortunate reality which must be addressed.

Fortunately, it was brought to my attention by teen unschooler Katherine Farr that there are several “hacks” allowing young people to earn Google Play credits and Apple App store credits easily.

Google Play Store: There are a lot of ways to earn Google Play points, the simplest of which is through Google Opinion Rewards.  You complete a bunch of surveys and earn small credits.
Note: Keep in mind these companies are likely using this data to then develop products to market to you.  It’s not “free” you are giving your TIME and your DATA.

Apple App Store: With Apple, I’ve found one app to earn store credits: QuickThoughts.  This app works similarly to Google Opinion Rewards, except instead of paying with points, it pays with iTunes gift cards.  These gift cards can be used to make purchases in the App Store.


If you have found any other techniques that allow you to get LEAVE SCHOOL for “free”, please comment below!

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