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My friend Neil Karkhanis (@Neil532Gaming) co-hosted a 12 hour livestream marathon to #SaveTheInternet.  The livestream was all about the battle for Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?  In a tweet: Net Neutrality says that your internet service provider cannot adjust the speed of your internet connection based on the websites you are visiting.

This is the current policy as it stands… and on December 14, the FCC is voting to repeal this law.  Currently, three out of the five officers of the FCC are in favor of repealing net neutrality.  We held this web show to raise awareness and spread the word so people would pay attention to this issue.

It was a real rollercoaster ride for my personally.  The idea of livestreaming to Facebook Live and YouTube about a political issue is outside my comfort zone.  But I feel really strongly about this, and couldn’t sit back and let others decide the fate of the internet.  As one of our guests, Kyle Fergusson shared a quote from Albert Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

We had tons of guests throughout the day.  You can skip ahead to see specific guests below:

1:03: Mosi Laslo

1:10: Erin – advocate for nutritional solutions to mental health problems and member of the online community New Light Beings where people discuss alternative mental health and spirituality

1:59 – Dylan – student at South Jersey Sudbury School and a member of the Peer Unschooling Network

2:04 – Kumail Akbari – web developer and founder of New Light Beings

3:24 – Kyle Ferguson – author, animal rights activist, and founder of

3:36 – Swati Karkhanis – Neil’s aunt

4:09 – Julia Carter – a South African unschooler and recurring panelist on the webshow Youth on Subjects of the World

4:29 – Steve G Jones – hypnotherapist, fonder of the American Union of Neurolinguistics Practitioners, who also runs an ecommerce site offering free, downloadable hypnosis MP3s.

9:22 – Nick Tinnirella – cannabis advocate and internet entrepreneur, owner of High Class Luxury Goods

10:00 -Adam – engineer and long-time friend of Jim’s

10:23 – Nick Neild –– community organizer in San Diego, founder of the Wake Up San Diego House and member of the San Diego chapter of the campaign finance reform organization Represent Us

10:51 – Danilo Cuellar: – promoter of volunteerism and producer of the YouTube channel: Peaceful Anarchism

11:14 – Veronica Eulgenberg –– web developer and member of a digital unschooling community for teens

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