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physics sketch comedy at it's finest

Jim Flannery

I believe physics may be the tool that bridges eastern and western philosophies and drives civilization toward spiritual enlightenment and world peace. Unfortunately, many people are turned off by physics because it’s perceived as boring and difficult. My goal with What the FisX is to create a fun and easy way to learn all the fundamental principles of physics without such an emphasis on math.

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation


Watch what happens when gravity manifests on Planet X.


Watch this blooper video and learn about gravity on Earth vs. the Moon.


Don Indigo learns how mass and distance affect the gravitational force between two objects.


Two rock climbers learn the hard way that the force of gravity between two objects is directly proportional to their masses.


Watch as Dr. Krusty McFeynbrand, W.D., learns that the force of gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between two objects AND launches a billion-dollar business.


Joseph B rocks his physics classroom at Chambersburgh Area Career Magnet School.


Outtakes from the first episode: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation


Have you always wanted to be a shark on the Shark Tank show?  Now is your chance!  Our physics-themed Shark Tank (The "Cat Box") needs you!  Sponsor an episode (or a whole season!) and you'll have your chance.  Contact me now to become a sponsor.

Some bonus clips from "the making of WTFisX"

The first is an introductory video I put together once.  I thought it was cool and funny but it seemed like it was a distraction from people actually watching the videos so I pulled it out.

This is a video of my wonderful niece talking about the value of peer-to-peer learning at college.  She was so kind as to be my co-host throughout making these first episodes.  I still held onto the dope Morpheus glasses she wore for the Matrix spoof "The FisX".  They'll be auctioned off for $10k at an auction to pay off her student loans!

This is a video promoted by one of my good friends and mentors, Rohit Shukla, the CEO of the Larta Institute.  Rohit has been helpful to me ever since the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey back in 2008.

This is a video of my friend Maroof Ahmad who I met while I was teaching high school physics in Chicopee Massachusetts.  Maroof is a young entrepreneur who was very supportive of the project and I'm grateful he participated.

The next video is another friend, Brianna Kufa, the owner of Kufa Designs where she designs custom book shelves and sells them online.  She's always supportive of my various entrepreneurial pursuits and I am also inspired by her adventures.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, Jason Wang.  Jason is a great friend who has been dying to put together a full season of episodes.  Jason is an amazing actor and comedian. You can also see him introducing me in my second comedy show!

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